Professional Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Despite the company’s standards, there are several common problems associated with Sub-Zero refrigerators. Side-by-side systems have been known to show difficulties with their digitized displays, as well as unwanted water build up and runoff. The ice maker is somewhat difficult to adjust, and, as with other Sub-Zero units, the interior refrigerator lighting is subject to the common problems and complications of most other electrical appliances.

Sub-Zero’s innovative use of water filtration systems is also prone to causing complications in the refrigeration or freezer unit. For Sub-Zero appliance repair and Sub-Zero refrigerator repair it’s recommended that homeowners purchase the Factory Certified installer option on all Sub-Zero products to both ensure that a liable professional can be held responsible for proper installation and that this same professional can be contacted if further repairs are needed.

The majority of problems associated with Sub-Zero refrigerators are either the fault of a manufacturer error – in which case the appliance can be replaced within a full year of purchase, or the fault of the homeowner in the event of an improper installation. Sub-Zero appliance repairs and Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs are covered under the given warranty.

The advanced technology utilized in Sub-Zero refrigeration systems can create a host of new problems that wouldn’t normally occur in a standard freestanding refrigerator. One of the leading troublemakers in Sub-Zero refrigerators comes from the coils behind the grill, which is vulnerable to clogging with dust and other debris. Many consumers also experience problems and malfunctions related to the coils overheating, and it’s recommended that consumers experiencing display errors and other related refrigeration problems vacuum, clean or cool the coil after removing the grill itself.

Additional Sub-Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Tips

Many of the problems consumers have in working their Sub-Zero refrigerator can be solved by consulting the instruction manual, including questions on how to adjust the ice maker, monitor the temperature of the fridge and freezer, and reset the digitized readouts in case of error. The vast majority of the time, Sub-Zero’s Factory Certified installer warranty should only be called upon in cases of a damaged product or appliance, as most errors are user errors that can be solved with proper directions and discretion.

Sub-Zero refrigeration systems are an innovative take on the common refrigerator, and as such, might require different handling than many consumers are used to. Sub-Zero offers a toll free customer service line should the manual be insufficient or the directions confusing, and it’s recommended that all problems be screened for simple solutions before paying for any drastic repairs.

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